Volker Riebeling

Volker Riebeling


Biographical data:


-Born in 1943

-1959 start playing the clarinet under the influence of Chris Barber's Music

-1965 - 1970 student of medicine at the Universities of Freiburg, Innsbruck and Vienna

-1972 - 1977 research and teaching at Freiburg University/Biochemical Institute. Playing too much clarinet at this time forced me to switch back to clinical medicine

-1977 Medical doctor in several hospitals as a cardiologist, currently at Paracelsus Klinik Hemer

-1972 reed player in an amateur oldtime jazz band at Freiburg/Breisgau, several productions in TV, broadcast and recording studios (Frl. Mayers Hinterhaus-Jazzer)

-Since 1993 lessons in playing classical clarinet at the Hagen Philharmonic Orchestra

-1993 founding member of the "Lutzemanns Jatzkapelle", still active in this promising band with cl, as, ss, bsx and bassett horn. CD productions, cruises and concerts (see web-site for details)

-1995 Aquirement of a Conn Panamerican Bass-Sax

-1996 starting to play the bassett horn, several public concertos including the Mozart "Gran Partita"

-2002 Live-CD with "The Management Symphony" and members of the Gewandhausorchester Leipzig directed by chief conductor Prof. Herbert Blomstedt (Dvorâk: Symphony No. 8)

-2004 concentration of my leisure time activities on playing Hot Jazz of the Twenties with cl and bsx.

My amateur status is well tolerated by my profi colleagues, and I hope to become a profi, too, when I'll have to end my "career" as a medical doctor in 2008. Let's hope the best!

Volker Riebeling

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