If anyone has any audio clips that they would like to add here, please let me know. I'll be adding more as time allows. I have a large collection of tapes and records that I got from Spencer Clark of assorted things. Some are home recordings of him playing sax quartets with himself and some are home recordings of jam sessions at friends houses. There are also a few studio test recordings and radio broadcasts.

 Spencer Clark  Joe Rushton
Freddy Wacker's Band 2.6 mb - Spencer playing with Freddy Wacker's Band on WBBM radio November 30, 1956   Sweet Georgia Brown 1.6 mb - Joe and an unknown trombone player. (From Spencer Clark) 
  Trio at P's (Priestley?) 10.6 mb - I assume that "P" is Bill Priestley since they were friends and played together from time to time. 1971    
 Randy Emerick    
 Big Brothers 2.54 mb - Four Brothers played on three bass saxes and a tubax.    

Body and Soul 2.65 mb - Beautifully played on bass sax.
 Continuum 640 kb -    
 Sophisticated Lady 3.25 mb -    
 Airmail Special 2.5 mb -    
 Earthy 2.34 mb -    

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