Joe Rushton

November 7, 1907 - March 2, 1964

Played drums first, then clarinet before specialising on bass saxophone. Worked occasionally with the California Ramblers, led own band in Chicago from 1928-31, then left full-time music to work in an aircraft factory. With Ted Weems in 1934 and through the 1930s worked for many Chicago bandleaders, occasionally returned to aircraft work. With Jimmy McPartland from spring 1940, to California with Benny Goodman from November 1942 until September 1943, worked for Horace Heidt (February 1944 until spring 1945), then resumed work in aeronautics, continued gigging. Worked with Red Nichols from early 1947 until spring 1963 (including overseas tour). Suffered a fatal heart attack whilst driving home from San Francisco jazz club. (from Who's Who of Jazz Storyville to Swing Street - by John Chilton)

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