Joe Garland

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born August 15, 1907

Brother of trumpeter Moses Garland. Began playing whilst at school in Oxford, North Carolina, later studied at Aeolian Conservatory in Baltimore (played in A. Jack Thomas Concert Band in 1921) and at Shaw University. Played in concert bands and orchestras until 1924, then joined pianist Graham Jackson's Seminole Syncopators. Joined Elmer Snowden on alto and baritone in 1925, following year worked with Joe Steele's Orchestra, then briefly with Henry Saparo. Worked in New York and South America with Leon Abbey (1927). In 1928 with Charlie Skeete, then worked and recorded with Jelly Roll Morton, rejoined Joe Steele. With Bobby Neal in 1931, then joined the Mills Blue Rhythm Band in 1932, remained with the band (working under Lucky Millinder) until 1936. Also recorded with Duke Ellington in 1933. With Edgar Hayes in 1937, Don Redman in late1938, then with Louis Armstrong Orchestra from early 1939 until 1942 (musical director from May 1940). In 1943 and 1944 freelanced in New York. Spell with Claude Hopkins in late 1944, rejoined Louis Armstrong as musical director in May 1945, remained until Louis disbanded in 1947, worked in big band led by Herbie Fields, then rejoined Claude Hopkins (1947). Musical director for Earl Hines Big Band (late 1948). Left full-time music in the early 1950's but continued to lead own small band regularly, occasionally forming big bands for specific engagements. (from Who's Who of Jazz Storyville to Swing Street - by John Chilton)

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