Jay C. Easton

Jay C. Easton is a versatile and unique multi-instrumental performer who is skilled on an array of woodwind instruments from around the world and across the centuries, including the bass, contrabass, and subcontrabass saxophones. He is one of the few musicians in the world to perform on the entire saxophone and clarinet families, and he has toured internationally in Europe and the Americas. Jay is a cornerstone of the Spectrum Saxophone Quartet, an exciting ensemble that champions new chamber music, and he has performed with many other large and small ensembles in both professional and educational settings. Mr. Easton performs classical and new music, jazz, rock, folk music from around the world, and period music on historical instruments. He has recently been the subject of a front-cover feature interview in Saxophone Journal magazine, and has performed and recorded with such jazz and pop luminaries as Eartha Kitt, Yes, Louie Bellson, Lanny Morgan, and Barry Manilow. Mr. Easton has served as woodwind faculty at San Diego State University and the University of San Diego. His online museum of the amazing woodwind family can be found at www.jayeaston.com.

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