Helen Kahlke

Helen started playing saxophone when she was 12 years old. She continued playing sax throughout high school and started doubling on other instruments like bass clarinet and bassoon, but the saxophone has always been her instrument of choice. Over the years, she has studied privately with a number of very talented teachers. Now she passes that knowledge on to students in her Fredericton, New Brunswick studio.

Helen has played in many types of bands and ensembles including concert, jazz, dance and big bands, as well as a number of sax ensembles. Today, she actively plays in two groups. One is a rock & roll and blues band called First Cool Hive, in which she plays tenor and baritone. Her bass sax gets to go to work in the other band. Sabor Latino is a Fredericton-based Latin band that plays traditional and original Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and Baladas. Besides bass, Helen also plays soprano and tenor in this group.

Check out Helen's website for more information and pictures of her saxes. Her site also has a section, called Bassic Adventures, dedicated to the bass saxophone.

You can find Helen's site at: www.bassic-sax.ca

You can email Helen at: borzoi@canada.com

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