Blaise Garza

Blaise Garza is currently a tenth grade student at La Jolla High School where he is in the seminar program for gifted and talented. A straight "A" student, Blaise is a member of the La Jolla High School Band, where he performs regularly with the jazz ensemble, the symphonic band, and the pep band. In addition, Blaise has performed with and been a member of the Violent Femmes rock band, the Central Coast Philharmonia, the San Diego City Schools Honor Band, the Coronado Community Band, Jazz EXPRESS, and numerous local saxophone ensembles. Although his primary instrument is the Saxophone, Blaise also plays the Trombone, Clarinet, Piano, and more. Recently, Blaise was awarded a $1500 scholarship by SBO Magazine for his nationwide winning essay entitled "My Favorite Instrumnet is..." It was published in the June 2003 edition of the magazine. Since the age of four, Blaise has been a member of the Screen Actors Guild. A regular with local theatres in San Diego, Blaise has performed in the Wizard of Oz, Bye Bye Birdie, Vaudeville, and William Shakespeare among others. His film credits include "All Over the Guy" and "Solitude Point." In television, he has worked for TNT, Nickelodeon, NBC, and even served as a sportscaster for Super Bowl XXXI. Television commercial credits include Honda, Sears Kenmore, McDonalds, Sprint, Cinnamon Life Cereal, General Electric, Nestle Toll House and various others.

In addition to his life in the arts, Blaise still finds time to enjoy a variety of sports including surfing, baseball, football, soccer, swimming and more.

Blaise is the founder of the Nautilus 4. We recently started going to competitions and we have recieved the highest honor evey time; a supereme rating. He is also the driving force of our group.
In addition to the quartet, he has a huge collection of instruments. He loves to play low instruments. You can see him playing the Tubax with the La Jolla Community band SOON!


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