Bert Brandsma

Albertus (Bert) Brandsma, born October 20, 1965 is a professional saxophone player who graduated at the Conservatory of Groningen for both classical saxophone (1991) AND Jazz saxophone (1992). Since then he workes full-time as a performing artist. In the year 1994 he won first prizes in musical contests in Breda and Leiden. Bert performed in New Orleans, the Bahamas and Jamaica (1996), in Helsinki, France and Canary Islands (1997), Italy, Egypt and United Arab Emirates (1998), San Francisco, Birmingham, UK (1999), New York, Rome (2000). This all besides many, many performances in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. He is leader of the Dutch Palladium Orchestra and The Dixieland Crackerjacks and is a member of Saxophone Quartett "Les Boreades". Besides this he is an often asked as a free-lancer for studio recordings, radio and TV broadcasts and clinics. During the month of February, Bert usually playes in the opera of Cologne, Germany. He is also a great doubler on clarinet, in 2002 and 2003 he played the Benny Goodman parts in a row of concerts with on the program a recreation of the famous 1938 Carnegy Hall concert. Since 2003 he playes Bass-saxophone in Selena Kuiper's Jazz trio, Selena is Europe's most outstanding female jazz-trombonist. There is a tour planned with the Russian pianist Irina Osetstkaja in 2004 with classical music for piano and bass-saxophone.


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