Bass Saxophonists


I have decided to open this listing to any and all bass saxophonists. If you would like your name listed here please e-mail me. Please send one photo of yourself and your biographical information. Be sure to include whatever contact information (ie: e-mail, telephone number, mailing address, etc) that you want listed on your page. This list is by no means a complete list. If you have information about a bass saxophonist that you feel should be included on this page please e-mail me. Also, if you have additional information or photographs about anyone who is listed, please pass it along. Thanks and I hope you enjoy this site.


Bert Brandsma Brian Hills
Andrew Brown Otto Hardwick
Greg Chapman Coleman Hawkins
Spencer Clark Helen Kahlke
Paul Coats Andy Kirk
Art Drelinger Min Leibrook
Jay C.Easton Jon Margerum-Leys
Joe Garland Volker Riebeling
Blaise Garza Adrian Rollini
Vince Giordano Joe Rushton
Meg Graf Steffen Schorn
Vinny Golia Charlie Ventura
Benjamin Himpel

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