Andreas Kaling


-Born 1960 in Munster (Germany)

-1976 started playing Saxophone

-1977 first Rock-Band "PABLO"

-1978-1984 free improvised Music with "KISMET-TRIO"

-since 1986 teacher for saxophone

-1986-1998 Jazz-Trio "ALTE LEIDENSCHAFTEN" one of the first Jazz-Bands that uses computer and digital technic live on stage, with Uwe Niepel (guitar, programming) and Karl Godejohann (drums, sampled percussion)

-three records with "ALTE LEIDENSCHAFTEN" (one with American trombone player Ray Anderson)

-Festivals: a.o. Berliner Jazztage (Germany), Jazz a Mulhouse (France), Copenhagen (Denmark), Vilshofen (Germany), Kolner Jazzhaus (Germany)

-several Radio and Television appearances with "ALTE LEIDENSCHAFTEN"

-"Stadtmusik" composition for the city of Vlotho

-composition with lightinstallation at the "Rathaus" of the city of Bielefeld

-1988-1993 "DAS DUO WILDE EHE SPIELEN JAZZ" with bass player and singer Barbara Buchholz

-1993-1996 "EUROPEAN ECHOES" - "The Music of Ornette Coleman" with Katrin Scholl (violin), Sebastian Gramss (bass) and Peter Kahlenborn (drums)

-concerts in Germany and Switzerland with "EUROPEAN ECHOES"

-since 1997 Duo "SYNTHESIS" with percussion player Klaus Latza

-1999 CD: "one2one"

-since 1995 saxophone-duo "LEPTOPHONICS" with Andreas Gummersbach

-cooperation with the painter and radiasthet Gilbert Bender

-2000 CD "sight-hearing-tour" with "LEPTHOPHONICS" spontaneous improvisations inside and outside using sounds and atmospheres of the surroundings (

-2003 foundation of the band "DIE ERBEN" - "German Folk Songs" with Kati Schifkowski (voice), Jorg Huke (trombone) and Karl Godejohann (drums)

-2005 second CD with "LEPTOPHONICS" called "dances and other movements"

-2007 foundation of the Bass Saxophone Quartet DEEP SCHROTT with Wollie Kaiser, Dirk Raulf and Jan Klare

-2010 first CD with DEEP SCHROTT: "One" (Poise Records)

-2011 third record with LEPTOPHONICS "Spiritual Unity" interreligious dialog as theme

-2012 first Bass Saxophone Solo CD: "As If There Was A Tomorrow" (Jazz Haus Music JHM212)
-2012 second record with DEEP SCHROTT: "Deep Schrott Plays Dylan & Eisler (Poise Records)



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